Why So Many Aussies Are Rushing to Install Solar Panels

How government incentives are making solar panels a solid investment in 2020.

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Thousands of homeowners are already reaping the benefits of solar panels.

What's happening?

  1. Australian homeowners could receive rebates for installing solar panels
  2. Aussies are taking advantage of this incentive
  3. Lock in the best savings today!

Many Aussies don’t realise how much they could save with solar panels.

The Government rewards individuals for installing solar panels through their Solar Credits Program . Through this scheme, you could receive a rebate that is calculated depending on the amount of renewable energy you generate.1

Solar panel owners can receive money from the tariff - both for generating their own electricity, and also by selling any extra units they don’t use back to their electricity supplier.

Savvy Aussies Reap the Rewards of Solar Panels

Australia is one of the most suited places in the world for solar power. Parts of the country receive the greatest concentration of solar radiation in the world! Savvy homeowners are benefiting from this and slashing their electricity costs by installing solar panels.

Solar electricity is rapidly expanding nationwide. The government estimates that over 2 million Australian households currently have solar panels installed on their rooftops.2

Top Benefits Of Going Solar

  1. Slash your electric bills – Sunlight is free, so once you’ve paid for the panels you can start reaping the rewards.
  2. Get paid for the energy you generate – The Government’s scheme will pay you for the electricity you generate, including the energy you use yourself.
  3. Sell surplus energy back to the grid – You can sell the electricity you don’t use back to the grid.

How Can I Start Saving With Solar?

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