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Last updated on 8th March 2018

Why The Energy Companies Are Paying Homeowners to Go Solar

With the government’s flagship “Feed-in Tariff” set to end next year, time is running out to switch to solar.

solar panels

Thousands of homeowners are already benefiting from the UK-wide scheme

What's happening?
1 - Energy companies are buying back energy from British homeowners who generate solar power.
2 - Brits are taking advantage of this incentive.
3 - People are scrambling to lock-in 20 YEARS of payments before the deadline

Many Brits don’t realise that they could be saving money on their energy bills with solar panels.
Even in the UK’s sometimes gloomy weather, savvy homeowners are able to make these savings because photovoltaic solar panels are simply dependent on daylight – not on hours of sunshine.

The Government rewards individuals for installing solar panels through their ‘Feed In Tariff’ scheme. Once you get your solar panels, you ‘lock-in’ your guaranteed payments for the next 20 years regardless of what happens to the tariff in the future.

The best bit is that the energy companies have to pay you for all the power you produce--including the electricity you use yourself.

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IMPORTANT: Since the Feed-in-Tariff is set to end in April 2019, there are only a few months left to secure your guaranteed payments before the deadline.

Solar: The Future Of Cheap Energy

According to the British Government’s own projections*, solar power is expected to become the 2nd cheapest form of electricity in the UK within the next few years.

The recent report from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy compares the costs of future energy projects, and found that solar could beat conventional gas systems by large margins.

So How Do Solar Panels Work?

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Solar panels will even work in places where the weather is gloomy.

You could reduce your bills by using the energy you produce in your own home.

You can get cash from the energy companies by selling your extra energy back to the national grid.

Solar Thermal technology is another revolutionary option. It uses the heat from the sun to generate hot water for your home, which can slash your heating bills.

Top Benefits Of Solar

  1. Slash your electric bills – Sunlight is free, so once you’ve paid for the panels you can start reaping the rewards.
  2. Get paid for the energy you generate – The energy companies *have to pay you* for the electricity you generate, including the energy you use yourself.
  3. Sell surplus energy back to the grid – You can sell the electricity you don’t use back to the UK grid.

How Can I Start Saving With Solar?

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